Do These 7 Points of Career Pain Feel Familiar?

  1. You’re employed in a job that doesn’t feel meaningful
  2. Your unique talents aren’t being utilized at work
  3. You want to make a difference and you don’t know how
  4. Even though you’re not happy, you’re afraid to make another career mistake
  5. Other people consider you a success, but you don’t feel successful
  6. You have to be someone else when you show up at work each day
  7. You’d leave your job tomorrow if you only knew what type of work would make you happy

A Brief Message from Amy:

As Your Career Coach, Here’s How I’ll Help You:

  • Identify and explore your unique talents. Together we will identify and explore your unique talents, traits and qualities — the things that make you you.  We’ll call these traits your Values; they are the parts of you that must be present in your life in order for you to feel fulfilled, successful, and that you’re making a difference.
  • Determine what matters to you in future work. If you’ve been in un-fulfilling work for a long time, you may not have a clue what your Values are — that’s okay!  A big part of my job as your career coach is to help you reconnect with who you are and what matters to you.
  • Identify careers that will allow you to bring your best self to work. The truth is, there are probably millions of jobs out there that you’d be good at. What you’re good at isn’t the point; what will make your heart sing and feel valued is the point. The important question is “What will allow me to bring what I like best about myself to work, and enable me to feel valued and purposeful?” Once we’ve identified what matters, this is a natural next step. And this process can be really fun!
  • Demote your inner critic. We will also work with your inner critic (we all have one!): the voice in your head that is keeping you small and stuck. You will acquire a new relationship with that voice — one that empowers you and gives you back ownership of your future.
  • Hear and trust the intuition that already knows there’s more out there for you. And best of all, I will help you hear and trust your inner wisdom: the part of you that yearns for a brighter future. The part of you that led you to this web site in the first place.
  • Engage in fun, interesting, results-oriented homework between sessions. There will be “homework” between career coaching sessions so you can regain your sense of yourself, recover the confidence you’ve lost  and move ever-closer to meaningful work.
  • Step away from the assessment tests. You won’t be taking any, and no one will be telling you what career you “should” be in.  You will be gaining tools and tapping into your own innate wisdom, which even today is whispering the answers to you. When you are able to hear it and follow it, you’ll find your ideal career has been waiting for you all along.


Now is the time to decide that you won’t spend one more day waiting for your current situation to get better. 

Let’s get started.
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Terra “I cannot thank you enough for helping me find my path and my passion in life!  I am a new person since we started working together and I feel so good about myself.  It is impossible to put into words just how much you have helped me and how much you have changed my life.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being the adviser, mentor, and cheerleader that I so desperately needed.”
Terra G., Boulder