Imagine What It Would Be Like…Career Counseling Denver

  • to feel career fulfillment again — or maybe for the first time
  • to make the impact you long to make in your work
  • to regain the confidence you’ve lost
  • to feel successful in a way that matters to you
  • to easily bring your best self to work every day
  • to be in an interview and more focused on whether you want the job vs. whether the job wants you

Career Success means making the impact that only you can make

  • being appreciated and rewarded for being your true self at work each day
  • doing work that reflects your unique interests, talents, values and gifts
  • work that allows the line between who you are and what you do to disappear

It will be my privilege to coach you on the journey to career fulfillment.
With my unconditional support, expertise and guidance, you will:

  • Learn to know yourself and see your unique gifts and talents in a whole new way
  • Identify the changes you can make — whether that means a new career or some internal shifts —  so that you’ll be excited to begin the day
  • Overcome the inner critic that’s keeping you stuck
  • Discover the impact you long to have in your work — and begin creating it
  • Experience what a great livelihood looks and feels like
  • Gain the tools you need to take action and leave the struggle for good

The result:
A sense of clarity and purpose that will connect you and the work you love, where you’re fully yourself and making the difference only you can make.

“It was such a pleasure speaking to you in our Intro Session on Friday.  I thought about our call all weekend and I already feel like a huge weight has been lifted.  I am looking forward to our continued sessions!”
~ Dara S., Los Angeles, CA 

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